Kitchissippi: we’re still better together.

The next Ottawa municipal election is October 22.

I want to continue to represent you as your City Councillor.

Kitchissippi is growing fast. That brings challenges. Infill and tall buildings, transit, the environment and housing are among the things it’s important to get right.

For four years, I’ve been:

  • a thoughtful, independent, vocal champion for our community at City Hall.
  • present, collaborative and accountable in all our neighbourhoods.
  • innovative in the tools we’ve used to make better policy and serve you.

I’d like to continue the progress we’ve made together.

In the next term of Council, I want to build on this foundation to:

  • collaboratively develop the big picture of how our community will grow through thoughtful and predictable planning;
  • achieve progressive policies on transit and transportation, housing and the environment;
  • protect our quality of life in a vibrant city;
  • continue to focus on communications, accountability, ward-wide cooperation and customer service.

Kitchissippi needs continued open and transparent leadership. Want to help? To get involved on my election team or to donate, please contact us at info@jeffleiper.ca.

Kitchissippi is changing and your voice matters more than ever. Make it heard.

Better. Together.


1 day ago
There’s a FB post out there wondering if anyone is missing this bike. Showed up at their house last night. Lemme know if it’s yours, and I’ll hook you up (post isn’t public). https://t.co/qoM3maKJQb JLeiper photo
2 days ago
Putting the newsletter out this morning, then off for most of the rest of the weekend. Finishing a tome on Taft/Roosevelt today that seriously set back my Goodreads 2018 challenge - just a few days shy of a month to read. Enjoy the long weekend, #Kitchissippi! https://t.co/y6dsxD0iqX JLeiper photo
2 days ago
Bachelor parties on my street are not like bachelor parties on your street. https://t.co/Lpg9pdVbgz JLeiper photo


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