Kitchissippi: we’re still better together

The next Ottawa municipal election is October 24.
I want to continue to represent you as your City Councillor.

For eight years I have had the privilege of serving the residents of Kitchissippi through a period of incredible change.  I’ve striven to be thoughtful, courageous, present, and collaborative, to ensure that the interests of our ward are well represented at City Hall.

Through a pandemic that has strained the City’s resources and required up-to-the-minute communications, I’ve worked hard to make certain that the residents of Kitchissippi have the information we need to navigate the crisis. Through an unprecedented occupation and a derecho, I’ve been side by side with residents to amplify our voice.

Kitchissippi is growing fast. That brings challenges. Infill and tall buildings, transit, the environment, and housing are among the things it’s important to get right. I’ve worked with our community leaders and residents to put Kitchissippi’s interests in the foreground. I’ve worked collaboratively to help define more thoughtful intensification, with policies and plans that help to ensure a sustainable future.

I’ve been a champion for safer active and public transportation networks, and of investing in the infrastructure and traffic calming that helps us manage the growth we’re experiencing.

As Ottawa grows, I’ve worked to support and enhance the cultural and recreation amenities that residents want. We have or will soon open new parks, community gardens and recreation facilities, a renovated library, and a winter trail. I’ve worked to ensure that lessons from the pandemic are reflected in new dining and entertainment options.

In the last eight years, I have been steadfast in championing a more inclusive city, recognizing and challenging the inequity with which racialized and LGBTQIA+ residents experience Ottawa.

In the next term of Council, I want to build on this foundation to:

  • Ensure that intensification serves residents to enhance our quality of life with a more sustainable environmental and affordable future, and not the market’s bottom line;
  • Continue to work collaboratively with community leaders and residents to put their voices first in city planning;
  • Bring new recreational facilities to Kitchissippi, recognizing the growth that has happened here, applying my expertise and diligence to the policies and plans that can make that happen;
  • Hold city officials and Council accountable for transparent decision-making in the public interest;
  • Work with all of Council to ensure that policies and plans meaningfully address the climate and housing crises that face us.

Kitchissippi needs an experienced and knowledgeable councillor more than ever. I will be taking no donations from anyone whom my team and I can reasonably ascertain is part of the development industry.

Want to help? To get involved on my election team or to donate, please contact us at

Kitchissippi is changing, and your voice matters more than ever. Make it heard.

Better. Together.