Better. Together. Four years at City Hall.

I have had the privilege of serving Kitchissippi through four years of change. I’m proud that from the day I was elected I’ve worked with you across the spectrum of city and ward issues to be a strong, thoughtful, vocal and independent advocate for sustainable approaches to city-building.

No two issues require the same approach. I’ve used my vote and my voice to champion your values and your priorities and am proud of what we’ve achieved. We’re still better. Together.

Read more below about how I’ve worked hand-in-hand with residents to:

A more thoughtful approach to planning

What gets built where continues to be a ward priority. In this term of Council I’ve worked as a strong advocate for better land-use planning in the face of accelerating intensification pressure:

          • Worked with Council – and when necessary independently – to advocate with the Province for an end to corporate and developer donations in our elections, and for meaningful Ontario Municipal Board reform
          • Secured a commitment to revisit the out-of-date plan for Westboro that fails to put reasonable and predictable limits on growth and results in developer-friendly ad hoc planning
          • Collaborated with the community and businesses to develop a grassroots plan for the future of Armstrong Street that is now guiding change
          • Been balanced in my votes on planning applications, supporting intensification where it makes sense such as at Westgate, and rallying the community to oppose wild west development where it doesn’t
          • Championed the community perspective to achieve better infill, coach house and arterial mainstreet zoning rules
          • Achieved ongoing, multi-stakeholder discussions addressing the worst construction practices of some infill builders
          • Persistent work with multiple stakeholders to rein in the litany of weekly construction complaints
  • In the next term of Council, I’ll be an independent, vocal champion for our ward and better planning city-wide as we enter into critical reviews of the Official Plan, infill rules, development charges and more. I’ll continue to work to rein in out-of-scale and out-of-character infills that are straining our infrastructure and destroying our urban forest, and to advocate for more honest, transparent decision-making on towers.

  • A caring ward and city

    The residents of our ward care about everyone who lives here, advocating for equity and to maintain a diverse community that all can call home. In this term of Council, I’ve had the opportunity to:

        • Work with Council, colleagues across the province, and directly with Queen’s Park to achieve critical changes to the Province’s new inclusionary zoning regime
        • Be the first politician in the city to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis by rallying residents
        •  Vocally support a woman’s right to access health care services such as abortion when City Hall failed to do so
        • Rally the community against hate in all its forms, including by organizing community demonstrations and supporting our community partners in their efforts to build understanding and tolerance
        • Focus budget advocacy to successfully achieve the Equi-pass and greater funding for social services
        • Work with recreation groups to ensure programming doesn’t perpetuate gender stereotypes
        • Champion the work of Project Soundcheck to ensure safe festivals and events, and of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre to advocate for better police response to assaults
        • Advocate for the creation of a women’s bureau at City Hall
        • Support with my ward budget opportunities in our Ottawa Community Housing communities to address isolation
        • Be an ally and champion for harm reduction in the face of the opioid crisis


  • In the next term of Council, I will continue to use every tool at our disposal to foster a caring, diverse and inclusive Kitchissippi and city, reflecting our ward’s progressive values as we refresh our housing plan and seek to better address inequality.

    Safer Kitchissippi streets

    Intensification and congestion are demonstrably threatening our walkable, bikeable streets with aggressive driving and speeding cut-through traffic. I’ve taken action to address this:

        • Traffic calming measures throughout the ward to reduce the speed of aggressive cut-through drivers
        • Successfully advocated for pedestrian crossing improvements at Richmond and Churchill
        • Supported the Wellington dooring zone pilot that has attracted worldwide attention and demonstrably reduced aggressive driving and dooring
        • Funded cost-effective tools such as Bike Ottawa’s level-of-traffic-stress maps that recognize the need for safe cycling routes
        • Successfully advocated for new advance pedestrian lights at Holland and Tyndall, and Richmond and Kirkwood, as well as won four-way stops at Ross and Spencer, Clarendon and Java, and Hamilton and Spencer
        • Won funding and approval for a new crosswalk at Hilson/Byron and Kirkwood/Iona
        • Persistently advocated with Council and Queen’s Park for new rules allowing 30 km/h streets, community safety zones, and enforcement cameras, following through with aggressive implementation
        • Achieved through advocacy the preservation of space to build a west-side O-train multi-use path
        • Worked directly with builders to ensure safe pedestrian passage around new projects begun in this term of Council, as well as the provision of crossing guards when heavy construction is underway
        •  Insisted on a calmer, safer Scott Street post-bus-detour
        • Successfully advocated for a common-sense approach to bikes and the LRT to give cyclists safer options


  • In the next term of Council, I will continue to advocate for the resources and approaches necessary to protect all road users, and to develop a more sustainable transportation policy through the review of the Transportation Master Plan

    Greener Kitchissippi

    Development is threatening our urban forest, and Kitchissippi residents are demanding action on climate change. In this term of Council, I’ve responded in alignment with the ward’s values on the environment:

        • Supported with my resources the work of Waste Watch Ottawa to achieve a better approach to waste, including voting against the addition of plastics into our green bin stream when alternatives exist
        • Achieved a commitment to regular reporting on tree loss, and elevated the urban forest management plan to a Council strategic initiative as well as been the plan’s champion
        • Worked on a tree-by-tree basis when circumstances demanded to protect our urban forest and press the City for stronger action on enforcement
        • Successfully worked at Council to achieve stronger and more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets for our city


  • In the next term of Council, we’ll debate a new solid waste strategy that will have implications for generations to come. I’ll continue to advocate for long-term environmental thinking that protects our climate, trees and waterways. In our review of infill zoning rules, I’ll advocate strongly for better street tree protection.

    Innovative decision-making tools

    A ward as engaged as Kitchissippi deserves a councillor who will invest time and funding to create meaningful engagement and undertake evidence-based policy-making. I’ve taken that seriously. In this term of Council, I’ve had the opportunity to:

        • Re-define the traditional ward newsletter as the foundation of dealing with massive change through better communications
        • Establish frequent and regular “pop-up” office hours to ensure accessibility to me and my staff
        • Use online tools to crowdsource traffic analysis to argue for safety improvements, commission the well-received IBikeIBuy app, and fund Bike Ottawa’s online bike route mapping tools
        • Collaborate with Council colleagues to re-define budget consultations to be proactive and meaningful on key issues of concern to the ward
        • Invest my ward budget on innovative consultation tools such as for 190 Richmond zoning, the Rosemount Library, Reid Park redevelopment and our parks plan
        • Commission independent research for expert views on critical issues such as re-structuring water rates and traffic congestion, and putting office resources toward research and advocacy efforts such as banning the sale of some live pets in pet stores and approaches to solid waste
        • Re-establish regular ward forum town halls and give community leaders direct, frequent access to key City decison-makers


  • In the next term of Council, I’ll build on these tools and approaches, seeking every opportunity to take advantage of technology and my communications channels to engage the ward in even more meaningful ways.

    Present and decisive

    The ward is undergoing sometimes overwhelming change. I’ve taken my duty to be present, expert and responsive seriously:

        • On the ground and in the ward when issues arise, around the clock, as when sewer lining went wrong in Hintonburg, learning in-depth how to avoid similar crises in future      
        • Present and involved when traumatic issues arise on our streets such as the Vibe lounge and Abdirahman Abdi’s death, and when the power went out.
        • Regular attendance and participation in the meetings of Committees on which I do not sit when key ward or City priorities are on the table such as the Vanier mega-shelter, protecting animals sold in pet stores, or approving Uber
        • Decisive action when the public interest is threatened, such as when buses were proposed to be run on Bayswater for 18 months
        • Advocating on behalf of the community with other levels of government in collaboration with residents such as when the Tunney’s Pasture daycare was threatened


  • City councillors are required to be informed, engaged and accessible. In the next term of Council, I’ll continue to take seriously my duty to use my vote and my voice to thoughtfully and decisively protect the public interest in our ward.

    A more awesome community

    We love our ward. We love our city. For the past four years, I’ve made it my mission to enhance our quality of life by making both even more awesome. Through collaboration, advocacy and investment, I’ve had the opportunity to:

        • Champion and achieve a funded music strategy for Ottawa working with our Mayor, and consistent support and advocacy for our local festivals
        • Provide first funding and ongoing support for the SJAM Winter Trail
        • Built the field house at Van Lang by being the first councillor to borrow (and quickly pay back) needed funds from other wards’ parks accounts
        • Improve how the Westboro Farmers’ Market integrates into the community, and assure its long-term future in Byron Linear Park
        • Work with and champion local businesses to build a more vibrant main street
        • Extend Champlain Park into the NCC green space by reclaiming a road for the community
        • Host unique special events such as my regular ward campfires and the Tragically Hip concert screening, even getting power to Roy Duncan park for a very special annual tree-lighting
        • Spearhead a new approach to public use of our spaces working with our BIAs and community groups to eliminate hurdles to programming
        • Develop a broadly-consulted wards parks plan that brings transparency to how we’ll spend millions on parks improvements in the coming years


  • In the next term of Council, I’ll continue to work nimbly, collaboratively and creatively to support the people who make Kitchissippi better.


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