The field house at Van Lang

In any term of Council, every councillor faces their share of frustrations and achievements. When we look back on those four years, we each face a decision about whether we want to continue.

When I’m asked why I’m running again, I sometimes share my hope to achieve a more inclusive, equitable city, more thoughtful planning, safer streets, and continued improvements to engaging the community.

The real decision to run gets made, though, when we ask ourselves “did I make a difference?”

When I was elected, the field house at Van Lang was a concrete pad and didn’t have the budget to complete. I approached several colleagues early in the term to borrow from their parks funds, and they trusted me to make good on a timely re-payment (since delivered). Working closely with the community, who drove the project, and our partners, the field house finally opened its doors earlier this term.

The field house at Van Lang is programmed and run by an innovative partnership, and we’ve been learning as we go how to work together with generosity, patience, and with our goal of inclusivity and community development always at the forefront. I’ve done everything in my power to facilitate that.

When I watch this video from last night’s grassroots-organized dance at the field house, I can trace its origins in actions and approaches I’ve taken, always working with others, that made it possible.

When I examine this term of Council and ask myself, “did I make a difference”, the answer I think is “yes”. And that’s why I’m running again.

Enjoy some awesome dancing, Kitchissippi.

June 24 Campaign Launch

Friends and neighbours,
I am writing to invite you to my campaign launch party for re-election to City Council!
In the four years since you first elected me, I’ve been:
* a thoughtful, independent, vocal champion for our community at City Hall
* present, collaborative and accountable in all our neighbourhoods
* innovative in the tools we’ve used to make better policy and to serve you.
I need your support for my re-election so that we can build on this foundation to:
* collaboratively develop the big picture of how our community will grow through thoughtful and predictable planning
* achieve progressive policies on transit and transportation, housing and the environment.
I hope you can drop in between 2-4 pm on Sunday, June 24 at Lexington Smokehouse and Bar, 344 Richmond Road.
Come by for some live music and snacks. We’ll have a sign-up sheet as well if you want to volunteer, donate or have a lawn sign delivered this fall.
Thank you for your ongoing support. I look forward to seeing you on the 24th!

Chers amis et voisins,

J’aimerais vous inviter à une célébration du lancement de ma campagne de réélection pour notre conseil municipal.

Durant les quatre dernières années comme votre conseiller pour Kitchissippi:

• Je me suis fait le champion indépendant et l’interprète des intérêts de notre quartier à l’hôtel de ville et je l’ai fait de manière réfléchie.

• J’ai été présent dans tous les coins de notre quartier, j’ai collaboré aux initiatives et agi de façon responsable.

• J’ai fait des innovations aux moyens d’action que nous utilisons pour améliorer nos politiques et mieux vous servir.

Au cours du prochain mandat du Conseil municipal, je veux continuer à amplifier nos acquis :

• en développant avec vous un plan de croissance de notre communauté, un plan réfléchi qui tient compte de l’avenir,

• en finalisant des politiques progressistes dans les domaines du transport en commun, de l’habitation et de l’environnement.

J’espère vous compter des nôtres, le dimanche 24 juin de 14h à 16h au Lexington Smokehouse Bar, 344 chemin Richmond.

Venez nous saluer, écoutez un peu de musique et partagez un petit gouter. Nous aurons des feuilles pour vous inscrire comme bénévole, pour faire un don à la campagne ou indiquer que vous voulez un panneau électorale pour votre propriété.

Je tiens à vous remercier de votre appui continu au cours du mon dernier mandat. Il me fera grand plaisir de vous revoir le 24,


First campaign ad

Thanks to our early and generous sponsors, we were able to place our first Kitchissippi Times ad this week. It’s on newsstands now! Use the buttons above to donate so we can keep spreading the word until October 22.

Nomination Day and the road ahead

It was fun to pull some of the team together on nomination day, May 1 for some photos. We’re working on the various campaign materials right now, but will be getting to the doors soon. Our biggest need right now is to pull together a list of volunteers who can walk with me during my canvassing shifts for the next several months. It’s easy work simply tracking interactions at the door. If you’re able, please write to us at so we can add you to the list!