Rogers televised debate

Recently, I had the opportunity to delve a bit further into my platform during a debate taped at Rogers TV.

We talked about LRT, development, traffic calming, safer consumption sites, policing, taxes, and more. After a term as Councillor, it was a different experience for me this time than it was four years ago. I was pleased to have the benefit of being well-prepared and able to expertly discuss the issues. I’ve had the advantage of being engaged with the community through my pop-ups, on the ground in the ward, and day-to-day through my communications with residents so that I can represent your concerns and values as you’ve told those to me. I understand the challenges we face and the pragmatic path forward to overcoming those. Most importantly, I’ve had the chance to hone a positive vision for what we should be trying to achieve together as a city.

Take a look by clicking below.

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